Behnam Bornak “Music Hurts My Eyes” 3.01 – 27.01.2002

January 3, 2002 11:07 pm Published by


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Five years of concert documentation, a personal impression by Behnam Bornak (Tehran, 1976)
Behnam Bornak expresses his love for music through photography. He’s been attending concerts for years now, and in particular knows the Belgian rock scene from the inside out. From the 3rd to 27th of January , his concert documentation and visual impressions of the music scene will be exhibited for the first time. WM gallery and Behnam Bornak present a selection of his music pictures. In addition to internationally acclaimed artists such as; Nick Cave, Dr. John and Tricky, there will also be tour documentation of such Belgian hipsters as; dEUS, Soulwax and Zita Swoon.

Behnam Bornak was born in Tehran, Iran on the 21st of September, 1976. At the age of nine, he moved to Amsterdam, where later his fascination for music began to grow. Behnam started to photograph seriously after secondary school, and this medium allowed him to express his love for music.
He attended various art academies but discontinued them prematurely. In that period Behnam obsessively scoured the Dutch and Belgian concert halls. Since he does not work on assignments, a large portion of his time is dedicated into smuggling himself, and above all his camera, into these venues. As a result of his enthusiasm, interest and personal approach to the people and the music, he quickly gets to know many of the musicians. He has therefore developed particularly close relations with the lively Belgian music scene.