Peter Ruting “Colours of Spring” 1.03 – 12.04.2003

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During the seventies Peter Ruting (1938), an already successful and experienced commercial photographer, started concentrating on his personal work. In 1983 he made his debut at the Canon Photo Gallery in Amsterdam. Since then many exhibitions followed in the USA and Europe. He now ranks one of the top photographers in the Netherlands.

Peter Ruting
Peter Ruting – Colours of Spring, 2002
Peter Ruting
Peter Ruting -The wooden flag, 1985
In 1988 ‘Images Of Thought’ was published, a book about Peter Ruting with an introduction by Stuart Bennett, auctioneer in photography at Christie’s in London and Sotheby’s in New York. On seeing his work at the Photographers’ Gallery in London, Bennett wrote: ‘I simply knew I had never seen anything like it for sheer mastery of photographic technique’.Peter Ruting beliefs photography consists to a large extent of looking and thinking. He meditates on a meticulous arrangement of a few objects. Above all, he takes his time. He contemplates days, even weeks. Then he shoots. Like Zen. Full and empty.
Peter Ruting
Peter Ruting – Homage to Aldo Rossi, 1985
Peter Ruting
Peter Ruting – Homage to Aldo Rossi, 1985

Exhibitions from 1983 – march 2003

Canon Photo Gallery Amsterdam
Nikon Photo Gallery Zurich
Art Display Schiphol Airport
Galerie Daguerre Paris
Photography Gallery Dusseldorf
Museum Aemstelle Amstelveen
FNAC Etoile Paris, Brussels and more
Singer Museum Laren
Photographer’s Museum London
Paule Pia Antwerp
Museum Klooster Ter Apel
Canon Photo Gallery Amsterdam
Weston States Museum Santa Barbara, CA
Weston Gallery Carmel. CA
Galerie ‘t Pakhuys Naarden
Galerie Bellamy Vlissingen
Galerie Zur Stockeregg Zurich
Rosa Spier Huis Laren
Art Center Gooiland Hilversum
Galerie Zur Stockerregg Zurich
Frankfurter Kunstmesse Frankfurt
Art Index Amsterdam
DHV Amersfoort
Holland Art Fair The Hague
Galerie RUDOLFV, Amsterdam
ABC Treehouse Gallery, Amsterdam
SBK Amsterdam Noord
Expansionist Art Empire Gallery Leiden
Galerie Kessel, Laren
Gallery WM, Amsterdam

Kodak Rochester exhibited the collection “The Images of Thought”. For publicity purposes the collection traveled around the world and was displayed at many locations.