Wanda Michalak “World Watching” 4.10 – 27.10.2001

October 4, 2001 10:57 pm Published by
Wanda Michalak

Wanda Michalak photographs portraits, landscapes and nudes. She strongly associates these three elements, creating “connections”, a word which often comes back in the title of her exhibitions. Her landscapes are portraits of nature. In her nudes the body becomes landscape. The “connection” is most obvious in her self portraits when portrait, nude, landscape and herself are all integrated into one and only picture.

Besides photography Wanda loves travelling. She is a passionate traveller, constantly seeking for unknown landscapes.

Selfportrait is her work’s most personal statement. She carefully creates the picture, including herself in it. She has no need to be pretty on the photo. She does not pose. She wants to communicate through her body the magic she experienced with the landscape. Using a model instead of herself would not allow create the desired tension, even with the most perfect photo. She only manages to translate the experience by photographing herself. The “connection” with earth, rock, water, tree. As she once stated: “I love to be landscape”.