Baciar & Zbigniew Kosc “Self-Portrait” 31.01 – 03.03.2002

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Baciar - Kosc - portrait
Baciar & Zbyszek in daar 1991 by Zbigniew Kosc
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Both photographers are from Polish origin and are since years living and working in the Netherlands. They both graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

Zbigniew Kosc portrays himself within the context of his numerous travel adventures. Different exotic locations provide the background to his photographic work, such as a hotel in Thesalonica, Bedouins in the Egyptian desert, Kurdish mountains, Russian countryside, etc…

Baciar presents new works relating to his favorite subject – the nude. He uses his own body as model to further investigate his topic. Baciar’s work is classical in form and reaches to capture both the modern aesthetic while at the same time reflecting upon an almost mythical human past.


Baciar “Origin” Baciar - Origin  






Baciar “Beauty” Baciar - Beauty

Baciar – CV
Baciar finished photography on de Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 1991. More –

A short view of exhibitions:
1989 – “The Other Side of Photography”,Gerrit Rietveld Academy, AMSTERDAM
1991 – “Le Vent du Nord VII”, Institut Neerlandais, PARIS
1992 – “Aids Related Art”, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, BERLIN
1994 – Art’ 94 Chicago, The New Pier Show, CHICAGO
1998 – ARCO Madrid Art Fair, MADRID
1999 – Nationale-Nederlanden (Polska), WARSZAWA
2001 – “Kunst-AHOY”, ROTTERDAM
2002 -”Selfish”, WM Gallery,- AMSTERDAM About Baciar

About Baciar

MAN is sculpted into the dimension of space by art, and even the most subtle moment of man’s existence can be brought to importance by the nude. The nudes which are presented in the photography of the artist Baciar carry the attributes of man’s unending history: his characteristics of the soul; his passions of the body, and the torments of aspects which aren’t well defined, nor known to him, but felt. The human beings portrayed on the photographs are more like bronze statues or stone sculptures than actual people, giving the photography a further abstraction and meaning to the ideas represented by the artist. Baciar’s works are comparable to artists such as Man Ray, Michealangelo, or Rodin. The works are strong and expressive, classical in their beauty. Yet, they are subtle for they carry the lightness and ease of great skill.

The artist’s work is classical in form and reaches to capture both the modern aesthetic while at the same time reflecting upon an almost mythical human past. The moment we come into contact with the work, it has drawn us into it’s realm. We give ourselves over in order to reflect and to live through the work as if it were a part of our own humaness.
In conclusion, it can be said that Baciar’s works skulpt man into the dimension of space with ease, they are poignant and beautiful.

Baciar graduated from the renowned Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (1991), and has had exhibits on both sides of the Atlantic. Many of his works are in private collections in both the United States and Europe.

Anna Moran back

Zbigniew Kosc


Zbigniew Kosc “Kurds”

Zbigniew Kosc “Rusland”


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Zbigniew Kosc – CV Born 1951 in Gdansk (Poland), graduated in social psychology. He was active in research both at the universities of Warsaw and Amsterdam. He has published several scientific papers as well as book reviews.
Zbigniew Kosc absolved secondary studies in photography and graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. His work can be found in private homes as well as in public collections on both sides of the Atlantic. Today, Zbigniew Kosc works as a writer and free lance photographer.



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