Gallery WM primarily dedicates itself to photography.

Opened in 2000 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Gallery WM sought to show true photographer’s photography; images that could and would be appreciated by professionals in the field. WM has since sought and achieved an impressive array of approaches in which to engage the viewer, whether it be professional, enthusiast, amateur or layman.

Exhibitions at WM aim to enhance the exhibitive experience and complexify the medium of photography on a technical, conceptual and visually aesthetic level. Be it vintage prints, archival images, anthropology-based work, staged photography, digitally enhanced imagery or contemporary fine art, WM continues to seek new ways in which to establish a relationship between the viewers and the exhibition.

Having established itself as a passionately and personally-driven space, WM hasn’t shirked from making controversial selections, proudly presenting a multitude of multifarious work by iconic-, established-, emerging- as well as outsider-artists. It has collaborated with and hosted a variety of curators, platforms, institutions and curatorial teams, among which Anthropologists in Art, which was launched from Gallery WM itself.

Although a commercial gallery, WM prides itself in its unapologetic approach to both photography and other medium-based art work, oftentimes running against the stream of current artistic trends and reigning commercial mores.

For the future, Gallery WM aims to continue its no-holds-barred attitude of selecting thought-provoking, content-rich and visually effective imagery.

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