Gallery WM
Elandsgracht 35-BG
1016 TN Amsterdam

tel. +(31) 20-4211113

Gallery is open Wed.Thu.Fri.Sat. from 13.00-18.00 and by appointments.

How to apply for an exhibition

WM Gallery is proud of its practice of exhibiting a wide range of international artists and art work. It remains committed to showcasing multifarious work by iconic, established, emerging as well as outsider artists.
Exhibitions are generally scheduled about a year in advance and are the result of proposals by our curators, collaborators or artists. If you wish to propose an exhibition or project, we suggest you do so by e-mail to Within a week or two you will receive confirmation of your e-mail. Please send us a specific proposal with material included, preferably photography-related, we rarely open links to websites or profiles. To aid you in your proposal you may download our floorplan here. Due to the volume of proposals we are seldom able to offer specific feedback by mail. However, you can always mail us asking for an appointment to review your work or series on a more in-depth level.
Material by post will not be returned due to the volume of proposals we receive; we recommend sending all proposals and material by e-mail.