Renan Cepeda “Bucolica” 01.09 – 06.10.2018

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Gallery WM & AiArt are proud to present:



Renan Cepeda

September 1st through October 13th 2018

Opening: Saturday 1st of September 2018; from 17:00 – 19:00 hrs at Gallery WM

The artist will be present at the opening.

BUCÓLICA, photographer Renan Cepeda’s latest infra-red series, is like slipping through the looking glass and slowly opening the doors of perception. Stepping through, one enters a magical world of luminescent beauty. Incandescent scenes of contemporary Arcadia unfold; illuminated bucolic landscapes that crackle and pop seductively within their crystalised effervescence. This is pure, visual poetry of blackly oozing roads, yellowish shimmering grasses and sparkling, solitary trees standing sentinel on purple rolling hills.

There’s a paradox here; the colours that emerge from Cepeda’s self-modified infra-red cameras and filters harbour both the stillness of the poet’s gaze while at the same time dazzle in their psychedelic tropes. We had already received a taste of Cepeda’s ongoing exploration of infra-red reality through the publication of his mesmerising book RIO INFRAVERMELHO (2013, Casa da Palavra). Looking through my copy, I read the handscrawled dedication to us; “Seba, Wanda, Paul – This is the Rio I’ve been dreaming. It’s real, but invisible, delirious… Kiss you all. Meu Saravá! Renan. Dec. 2013.” And indeed, Cepeda’s gaze is the world as he dreams it, as it might have been, as it it could yet be. BUCÓLICA continues from there, leaping from the Rio of his dreams, exploring outwards, over hills and valleys, across glittering lakes and snow-capped mountain peaks, spanning regions, countries and continents. It is a psychedelic re-imagining of the world, a present-day antiquity, sprinkled with a few dainty drops of lysergic acid.

Of course, this infra-red turn in Cepeda’s imagery retains references to the Light-Painting technique and multiple series that he is so well-known for; whereby images are created from long-exposure, night-time shots that the artist “paints” with light, using a simple pocket torch and a few plastic filters. Because Cepeda resisted the temptation to indulge in the digital manipulation of the images, the composition of the picture and its presentation remain true to the simplicity of the object. With BUCÓLICA, he has the same fascination with carefully composed photographs, and takes the same delight in illuminating his “ordinary” subject matter and rendering it sparklingly magical; a veritably bucolic and dazzlingly luminous Oz.

Sebastian Rypson, cultural anthropologist and curator

Asurcocha 40x60cm (edition 8)


Born in Rio de Janeiro in a Portuguese family, Renan Cepeda started taking black and white pictures at the age of 11, influenced by his father, an amateur photographer. Having graduated in Industrial Mechanics at CEFET-RJ, by the 1980s his experience was enriched by photojournalism at the newspaper Jornal do Brasil, collaborating with the country’s largest publications as well as being a correspondent of the French agency SIPA-Presse in Rio. Having his full time now devoted to the fine art photography, Renan Cepeda has been recognized for his artistic research on unusual photographic techniques such as infrared photography and light painting.

Edo 60x90cm (edition 4)


Renan Cepeda ”Bucolica” @ WM Gallery,  September 2018 © Pete Purnell


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Due Olmi 40x60cm (edition 8)


Unicornio 60x90cm (edition 4)