“TBCD – The Breakfast Club Diaries” Group Exhibition 14.03 – 11.04.2015

April 14, 2015 4:09 pm Published by

Anthony Hawthorne

Wanda Michalak

WM Gallery has the great pleasure to present:
TBCD – The Breakfast Club Diaries – from March 14th through April 11th 2015

Karen Hutton

Isabella Turner
On Saturday, March 14th, WM Gallery will have the great pleasure to present TBCD – The Breakfast Club Diaries; a public social media group, set up on Facebook in 2012.

The premise is brilliant in all its simplicity: to get people out in the open in the early hours of the morning for a walk… And take a picture… And share it with the group (in the beginning the group was closed to a wider public).
At the moment TBCD is open to anybody who would like to join the fun. It has become an interesting social experiment. It is highly addictive! And infectious! You might become dependent!


Luci Di Lernia

Jodie Clowes
In their introduction to new members, TBCD founders Susan Gourley and Zoe Hudson (Trap) write: “The Breakfast Club Diaries is an invitation to you. The plan: Take a photo of a moment during an early morning walk and share it with the world”. When Susan and Zoe opened up the group for all, they decided to try and collect funds for charity, namely, The Fred Hollows Foundation. (The Foundation is set up to fight blindness in Third World countries and the Australian interior).

As Zoe put it: “We are so grateful to have our sight, to see beauty and interesting things everyday and we want to help others…” And the TBCD Art Book with many images from morning walks was born…
(Sales of the book, available via the Facebook page, will go towards the The Fred Hollows Foundation)


One great enthusiast of TBCD is Ewelina Knajdek Marcinkowska, who got the idea to promote the project and set out to organise an exhibition with 200 images. The world premiere of the show took place in Kalisz, Poland. It has had a great many visitors and it went on to open in two more cities in Poland: Wroclaw and Jarocin. It is sponsored by the Multi Art Foundation.
On Saturday March 14th 2015, at 17:00 o’clock TBCD will Open in Amsterdam’s WM Gallery.
We cordially invite you!

Michele Gailli

Ewelina Knajdek-Marcinkowska

Mikhalla Sweet-Potayta

Olgierd Jelitko

Maria Butler

Lena Kurpeta