Jaap Bijsterbosch “Door het oog van de nacht” (Through the Eye of the Night) 7.05 – 4.06.2000

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Door het Oog van de Nacht.
(Through the Eye of the Night)

“There’s something strange about spots in the night. Everything that looks normal in daylight often becomes frightening, mysterious or magical in the dark.

Essentially the night is just a big black box in which all kinds of things exist. Things which are natural as well as things which are man made. Sometimes these things become visible, mostly by artificial light. A feeling of disorientation arises. One knows there’s something out there, but it stays invisible. What’s waiting in the dark? In my pictures this atmosphere is captured. There’s also a distance from everyday life, calmness and concentration; moods which are often to be felt at night.

My photographs are made in black and white. Colour is just a thin skin on the outside which detracts from the essence of things.”


jaap_most                                                                                                                                                                                                                           “Ingang Flevopark”

jaap_las                                                                                                                                                                 “Flevopark”

arena                                                                                                                                                            “Amsterdam ArenA”

jaap_molo                                                                                                                                                                                        “Oranjesluizen”

Jaap Bijsterbosh                                                                                                                                                                                             (Groningen, NL, b. 1951) is a professional photographer for many years. He has worked on many important assignments, among which for the Amsterdam Arts Council (Dylan Thomas project, Those British Atmospheres, Ireland on my mind), the city of Utrecht (Railways in Utrecht), the province of Noord-Holland (Railways, De Beemster).

He also works for a lot of PR organizations making portraits and reportages on location.

Jaap Bijsterbosch is a teacher at the Amsterdam Center for Photography and the Dutch Foundation Buitenkunst.
He’s a passionate black & white man.


Jaap Bijsterbosch (7-2-1951 Groningen NL)

mobile: 31 (0)626 198 020
email: oogenblikjaap@netscape.net

Assignements. (selection)
1983 The Amsterdam Art Foundation: British Atmospheres
1985 The Amsterdam Arts Council: Umbrellaweather
1988,1990 The Amsterdam Arts Council: Irish Days
1989 The Amsterdam Art Foundation: A Prospect of the Sea, black and white photos inspired by the poetry of Dylan Thomas.
1993 Provence Noord-Holland (nl): Iron roads in Noord-Holland
1994 Town of Utrecht: Iron roads in Utrecht-town
1995 Bilderberghotels Holland: Hotelsurroundings
1999 Provence Noord-Holland (nl): Schermer, Beemster, Eilandspolder “From water to land, from land to water”.

Exhibitions. (selection)
1983 Mois de la Photo Montpellier
1985 De Moor Amsterdam: Those British Atmospheres.
1989 Participates in the manifestation Holland Foto’89 Amsterdam.
1990 Manifestation Noorderlicht Groningen.
1991 Usva Groningen: Image after Image (with Goos vd Veen).
1991 Gallery 2½ X 4½ Amsterdam: A Prospect of The Sea (solo)
1992 Gallery 2½ X 4½ Amsterdam: Photography and Litterature
1992 Towncommunity office Zeeburg Amsterdam (solo)
1993 De Moor Amsterdam: Ireland on my mind (solo)
1994 Amsterdam Centre for Photography: The Vegatable Light 2 (solo)
1996 Amsterdam Center for Photography: 17 X !7 X 17
1996 Grote Kerk Naarden: Seventeen visions of Noord-Holland
1997 Centre for Architecture Utrecht: View at Utrecht: Photography selected by Herman Hertzberger.
1998 SERgebouw Den Haag: Answers from Amsterdam (with Dick Naber).

Publications. (selection):

1983 Het Portret (De Moor Amsterdam)
1986,1987 Magazine Plaatwerk
1989 Magazine Foto: “Those British Atmospheres”.
1990 Magazine Foto
1991 Travelmagazine Transfer: Wales
1992 Photography and litterature (Foto Holland)
1993 Fotograferen (g)een Kunst ( LOKV Utrecht)
1995 Magazine Ons Amsterdam: Railways in Amsterdam
1996 Seventeen Visions: Catalogue exhibition photodocumentary assignements Provence of Noord Holland
1990-2000 Various publications for a.o. Malmberg Den Bosch, Bilderberg Holland and many, many other companies.

Jaap Bijsterbosch is teaching photography at the Amsterdam Center for Photography, Foundation “Buitenkunst” and the Academy for the Arts in Utrecht. From 1990 until 1994 he was a member of the board of the GKf , a professional union of Dutch photographers. He’s happily married and the proud father of two sons.