Krzysztof Wojciechowski “No Strings To Pull, No Buttons To Push” 5.09 – 4.10.2009

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Krzysztof Wojciechowski.„No Strings To Pull, No Buttons To Push” (Sep 5 – Oct 4) Logo Gallery WM


This collection of landscape close-ups consists of photographs made in 1970’s and 1980’s in countries like (former) Czechoslovakia, United States, Sweden and Poland and locations like Woodstock, N.Y., Stockholm, Sweden or Królewska Góra, Poland. Some of these places were quite exotic for me but the good part of these pictures were taken no more than a few hundred meters from my home in Warsaw if not in the home itself – these later form the second part of the exhibition, the Bedscapes, which were photographed – technically and mentally – in the same manner as the genuine landscapes made of grass, rocks and sand.
Krzysztof P. Wojciechowski
Born 1947, Warsaw, PolandMember of the Union of Polish Art Photographers.
Krzysztof Wojciechowski started with photography at the end of the 1960’s. In the early 1970’s he was connected with the “Remont” Gallery in Warsaw. His initial work was influenced by conceptual art (“Imperfectum”), but already his 1975 exhibition “Landscapes and Notes” showed more narrative tendencies. In the 1980’s, as many Polish artists, he was involved with the documentation of the reality of the Martial Law period, creating what could be one of the largest collections of photographs of political graffiti (“A Passer-by”). In the same period he also presented an important exhibition. “Children’s Play”, a series of 50 photographs of his children. After 1990 he continued his work along two lines: the first one named by himself lyrical conceptualism (“Parabolae”), the other one being a kind of para-journalistic work, reflecting upon current political events (“Colors of War” – about the Kosovo war).

Miro Csolle


Selected individual exhibitions:

1970/1 “Our Exhibition of True-Bred Dogs” (with A.Jorczak and P.Lucki); WTF Warsaw (Poland) – Galeria Prezentacje, Torun (Poland)
1971 “Photographs” (with A.Jorczak and B.Gadomski); WTF Warsaw
1974 “Imperfectum”, “Wall”, Galeria Remont, Warsaw
1975 “Landscapes and Notes”; Galeria Znak, Bialystok (Poland)
1981 “A Passer-By”; Mala Galeria ZPAF, Warsaw – Galeria GN, Gdansk (Poland) – WDK, Ciechanow (Poland)
1984 “Children’s Play”; BWA Lublin (Poland) – Galeria ZPAF, Gdansk – Zielona Sala ZPAF, Warsaw (1987)
1987 “Children’s Play” Metro”; Prague (Czechoslovakia) – BWA Bialystok (1988)
1989 “A passer-By, continued”; Mala Galeria ZPAF, Warsaw;
1990 “Talks”; Mala Galeria ZPAF, Warsaw
1996 “Parabolae”, Galeria FF, Lodz (Poland) – Galeria Pacamera, Suwalki (1997)
1996 “PL – A” (with M.Gomulicki, K. Kuzyszyn and K.J.Cichosz), Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna (Austria)
1999 “Colours of war. A Certain Collection of neck-Ties”; Mala Galeria ZPAF-CSW, Warsaw
2002 “Opowiesci lewantynskie” Mala Galeria ZPAF-CSW Warsaw
2002 “Relations & Notices” (together with Janusz Szczucki), WM Gallery, Amsterdam
2003 “Musica Muta”, Muzeum Norblina Warszawa / WM Gallery, Amsterdam (2005)
2007 “Czas zapamietany / Mala Galeria 1977-2006”, CSW-Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw
2007 “Polska” WM Gallery, Amsterdam
2008 “Marzyciele i swiadkowie. Fotografia polska XX wieku”. Arsenal Muzeum Ksiazat Czartoryskich, Kraków
2008 “Powstanie sztuki” Elektrownia, Radom
2009 “Rejs na ksiezyc”, Galeria Asymetria, Warsaw


Fotografia 4/1970 & 10/1970, Warsaw
Marceli Baciarelli: “Nasza wystawa psow rasowych”
Wojciech Wawrzonowski: “Fascynacja materialnoscia”


“Przechodzien” – directed by Alina Czerniakowska (TVP, 1990)