Ton Werkhoven

“20×20 Inches of Holland” Group exhibition: Jaap Bijsterbosch, Dirk Blij, Maarten Brinkgreve, Marlo Broekmans, Chico Colombo, Gé Dubbelman, Virginia Diaz, Aloys Ginjaar, Truus van Gog, Brian Hill, Michiel Kort, Cindy Marler, Wanda Michalak, Pete Purnell, Leszek Sczaniecki, Gideon Smit, Caspar Veeger, Leo Veger, Ton Werkhoven, Jenny E Wesly 28.06 – 2.09.2001

June 28, 2001 10:06 pm Published by

  WM Gallery requested 20 photographers to present their own personal view of the Netherlands, and gave them each a wall space of 20 inches to express their different interpretations.... Continue reading