Wabi Sabi / Room with a View by Kasia Fortuna & Wanda Michalak

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From October 14th through November 11th 2017 Gallery WM is delighted to present the duo-exhibition:
Wabi Sabi – The Love of Imperfection by Kasia Fortuna & Room with a View by Wanda Michalak.
Wabi Sabi – The Love of Imperfection by Kasia Fortuna

In Japan uneven teeth might be considered sexy, shoes that are too big are ‘sweet’ or a bent and disfigured tree something to cherish.

This understanding of beauty leads to interesting combinations of nature and brutality (in a European sense). Plants in front of houses may look randomly put together but you would be mistaken. They are loved by their owners, carefully watered and admired by guests.

A small vase with flowers may be standing on a staircase with a background of pipes and meters. For a tourist this is surprising, but it works and has its own beauty.

Ikebana is the ancient art of arranging flowers. ‘Wabi sabi’ can also describe this wonderful art with curved and twisted branches that are chosen for these flowers arrangements.

This balance between beauty and oddness provides harmony. In Japan one can find beauty in many things.

Wabi Sabi (c) Kasia Fortuna

Room with a View by Wanda Michalak

What happens when we travel? What is the first thing you do when you book yourself into a hotel? Myself, I run to the window… does it have a nice view? No view?  If it doesn’t we don’t like it at all. If it does, we feel well and aesthetically satisfied.
I have had amazing views, overwhelming views, grandiose views and also views I don’t want to remember. Mostly though, I’ve had interesting views. If the view was really bad, then instinctively I believed the general outlook wouldn’t be to good either. Usually, I thought to change it for a better one. Over the years I have become a warrior of the view. A passionate defender of the light that filters through and the gaze that looks out. I’ve become good at it, I enjoy it. Let me take you on a journey through”Rooms with a View”

Room with a View (c) Wanda Michalak

Room with a View (c) Wanda Michalak

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