Gerrit Schuttevaar “Still Lives and Phenomenons” 6.08 – 3.09.2000

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Born in the rural south of the Netherlands in 1947, Gerrit Schuttevaar began painting and studying art at an early age. Upon moving to Amsterdam he studied at the Art Academy AKI in Enschede where he specialised in sculpture and fine painting. He has lived and worked extensively as an artist for many years in southern Europe and currently resides in Amsterdam.

Gerrit’s chosen medium is oil on canvas and wood. He paints realistic still lives in closed spaces with a personal touch of surrealism and symbolism. The vivid spaces he creates employ a synergistic approach, combining complementary elements not normally found together outside his canvases. Although the objects he chooses to represent are contemporary, there is a feeling they could come from the middle ages or elsewhere from European antiquity. In addition, his complementary colors give the unusual vibrant clarity of Dutch 17th century painting to his distinctly personal works. Through a free exploration of mind and color, the artist creates unique works with subtle power and emotion.

The artist’s personal vision combines life and death in a magic reality where even the lifeless emanates its own warmth.


“Het Sille Strand” oil on canvas



“Véronique” oil on canvas


Born 30 october 1947 in Valkenswaard, The NetherlandsStudies
1966 – 1971: Art School A.K.I., Enschede, The Netherlands. DiplomaExhibitions:
1969 Documenta in Utrecht, The Netherlands
1970 Johanneskerk, Zwolle, The Netherlands
1971 Oude Bibliotheek, Enschede, The Netherlands
1972 Markt 17, Enschede, The Netherlands
1974 Gallery of Contemporary Art, Biella, Italy
1975 Gallery “Multitude”, Paris, France
1977 Gallery “Ruelle de la Gaillotte”, Marine de Gogolin, France
1978 Gallery “Les Deux Portes”, Saint Tropez, France
1979 Gallery “L’Ecuyer”, Brussels, Belgium
1980 Gallery “Marigny”, Paris, France
1981 Exhibition in the Castle of Coevorden, The Netherlands
1982 Third “Kunsthuis”, Breda, The Netherlands
1983 Fourth “Kunsthuis”, Breda, The Netherlands
1984 Gallery “La Tertulia”, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1989 “Ips Art”, Sommiere, France
1992 “Espace Saint Francois”, Langeac, France
Chapel of the Visitation, Brioude, France
13th International Salon, Le Puy, France 
1993 “By Mekina”, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1997 Gallery 66, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Open Ateliers Plantage Weesper, Amsterdam
Mozes en Aaronkerk, Amsterdam 
1998 Gallery 66, Amsterdam
Open Ateliers, Plantage Weesper, Amsterdam
Mozes en Aaronkerk, Amsterdam 
1999 Powellstreet Gallery, San Fransisco, USA
2000 Powellstreet Gallery, San Fransisco, USA
WM Gallery, Amsterdam