Pawel Zak “Photographs” 26.04 – 7.06.2002

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Pawel Zak – photographs that avoid words…

…Pawel Zak belongs to these photographers who with uncommon delicacy employ what old masters used to call the “light of the picture”. His many times presented and awarded series of images called “Tales” is a meaningful example of the great visual culture of a artist, whose works entirely belong to the newest trends of contemporary photography.

Pawel Zak
Pawel Zak ‘Photographs’
Pawel Zak
Pawel Zak ‘Photographs’
…I was totally surprised when Pawel presented me his pictures of flowers.
…these are photographs that avoid words….whereas the child – like “Tales” tell us about development and about life, the flowers are silent about contradictory phenomena: About growing old, withering and in result about death, with which we familiarize in silence and loneliness. Pawel leads us also into other area of time that belong to chemical aspect of photography. He develops his prints in hours-long cycles each time achieving unrepeatable and unique result….

Bogdan Konopka, Paris 04.02.2002
trans.Krzysztof Wojciechowski

The exhibition presents a total of 18 different photographs.

Technique. All the pictures are untoned gelatine silver prints.
Printed and framed in accordance to museum “archival permanence standards”.

Size of each print is 33,5 x 41,5 cm (60 x 80 cm including frame and passe-partout).

Number of copies. Due to the special technic involved and upon decision of the artist each print is unique.
This means there is only one copy from a negative.

Price per picture: Eur 650 (with passe-partout and frame).
VAT 6% included.

Pawel Zak
Pawel Zak ‘Photographs’
Pawel Zak
Pawel Zak ‘Photographs’

Pawel Zak
Born in 1965. Studied social sciences in the Warsaw University 1986-1993. Graduated from the Higher School of Photography in Warsaw in 1993. Member of the Union of Polish Art Photographers from 1995. Working as a free lance photographer mostly in advertising.

ul. Laskowa 2
05-420 Jozefow
Tel: +48 22 789 5265
mobile: +48 601 395 265

Selected Individual Exhibitions

1994 “Home and Garden”, Antoni Rzasa Gallery, Zakopane, Poland
1999 “Tales”, Mala Galeria zpaf/Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland
“Tales”, Gallery Image, Aarhus, Denmark
2000 “Tales”, Gallery PF, Poznan, Poland
“Tales & Other Photographs”, Gallery FF, Lodz, Poland
“Photographs”, De Balie, Amsterdam, Holland
2001 “Tales & Other Photographs ”, WM Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland
2002 “Nine Photographs”, Zakopane

Selected Collective Exhibitions

1995 Polish Photography, Rome, Italy
1996 Photography Confrontation, Gorzon Wielkopolski, Poland (1st prize)
1997 Photography ’97, Cracow, Poland
1998 Photography ’98, Cracow, Poland
European Photography Contest, Vevey, Switzerland (Prix Broncolor de la lumiere)
“Open Ateliers”, Warsaw
1999 “Together Again?”, Gallery Image, Aarhus, Denmark
“Islands of Visibility”, Poznan, Poland
“End of Century Landscape”, Wrzesnia, Poland
“On the Other Side”, Photgraphy Museum Siauliai, Lituania
“Open Ateliers”, Warsaw
2000 Photography Biennale, Poznan, Poland
“Penetration”, Contemporary Polish Photography-Month of Photography, Bratislava, Slovenia
2002 “Blow Up, Photographs in the Time of Turmoil”, Warsaw
“Around a Decade”, Polish Photography in the 90’s, Lodz, Wroslaw, Katowice, Bielsko Biala
“Touch of Reality”, BWA, Wroslaw

Works in Collections

Centrer for Contemporary Art Ujuazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland
Private collections in Poland, France, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands

Pawel Zak
Pawel Zak ‘Photographs’
Pawel Zak
Pawel Zak ‘Photographs’